Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy


1. Warranty period

All items provided by VIET A TECHNOLOGY TRADING & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD are warranted for free 3-24 months depending on products from the date of delivery and complete installation.

2. Warranty conditions

We will carry out a warranty for any technical problems caused by manufacturing and installation errors.

Goods must have coupons from VIET A TECHNOLOGY TRADING CO., LTD. The date on the invoice is counted as the date of delivery and complete installation.

For failures such as:

Break, damage, deform, let fire damage

Using the manufacturer's specifications or showing signs of repair before bringing it in.

We are still responsible for repair, but the buyer must pay according to the actual cost of replacement parts, free of warranty labor costs.

Repair or replace with a new one at a discounted price when the warranty period expires.

3. Time and place of warranty

Within 24 hours after receiving your written notice, we will respond and provide warranty within 3-5 working days.

For small orders with quantity from 1 to 3 pcs, warranty is directly at the warehouse.

For large and bulky orders, on-site warranty for customers.

4. Warranty claim instructions

You can call the Warranty Department at Hotline: 028.3773.4666 or send it directly to us at email address: info@vait.com.vn

We sincerely thank you!